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Accused of a crime or a traffic offense? Don't wait to safeguard your future.

You don't have to face a criminal charge or a traffic offense alone. Count on McElderry Law Firm to help you get through this.

Correcting Your Criminal History Record

Expungement removes charges from a criminal record. Contact my office today to find out if you are eligible.

Criminal & Traffic Law

You don’t have to face a criminal charge or a traffic offense alone. Count on McElderry Law Firm to help you get through this.

About The Firm

I provide personalized criminal defense representation in every case, and I will aggressively protect your interests.
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Contact Us

To discuss your legal situation with an experienced criminal defense attorney, contact McElderry Law Firm today.

A Customized Defense Strategy

I am the only lawyer at the firm, and that means you will always get customized, personal service. To best serve my clients, I limit my practice to these areas of law:

  • Criminal and traffic law : If you have been charged with a misdemeanor or felony — whether it was for traffic tickets, theft, drug charges, domestic disputes or alcohol charges — it is important to take action as soon as possible. In many cases, talking to a knowledgeable lawyer can mean the difference between keeping your freedom and serving a jail sentence.
  • ExpungementUnder Alabama’s new expungement law, you may be able to have your court and arrest records sealed if your case was dismissed or nolle prossed (no prosecution) — or if you successfully completed a good behavior, PTI program or drug court.
  • Identity theft : Do you have false charges on your record because another person was arrested and claimed to be you? If so, I can help you collect the documentation and file the paperwork to clean up mistakes on your criminal history.

Contact A Mobile Criminal Defense Attorney Today

I represent clients in Mobile County district and circuit courts. I also travel to any of the municipal courts in our area. My office is located at 207 Church Street in downtown Mobile, right across the street from the courthouse. I am available at my office for daytime and evening appointments. I can meet with clients in Mobile Metro Jail, the Baldwin County Correctional Center or the local municipal jails.

For your free initial consultation, call 251-623-7818 or send me a message using the online form. I usually charge a flat fee, but hourly rates are also available. I accept credit cards, and I am happy to work out a payment plan if needed.