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There’s no way around it — a criminal record can make your life very complicated. Besides the social stigma that goes along with it, a criminal record is hard to explain when you’re looking for jobs or trying to get credit.

I am attorney Leslie McElderry, and I help clients remove charges from their criminal history. I provide aggressive representation for clients throughout Mobile and Baldwin counties.

Correcting Errors On Your Alabama Criminal History Record

In some cases, records are wrong because of identity theft. For example, someone may get pulled over and claim to be you. As a result, you now have a criminal history through no fault of your own.

If you have been a victim of this form of identity theft, you have the right to petition the court. But first you have to prove your case — and that’s how I can help. Call me at 251-623-7818 to learn more.

Getting Rid Of Your Record

Under certain circumstances, you can expunge your criminal record. That means the official record will no longer make any mention of your criminal charge, including arrest records and booking photos. To put it simply, you will no longer show up in public searches — and that’s good news when you’re applying for jobs.

This is a complicated process that involves finding the necessary documents, getting them certified and writing a motion.

You may be eligible for expungement if your case was dismissed or nolle prossed (no prosecution), or if you successfully completed a good behavior program, PTI program or drug court.

It’s important to realize that even if your record is expunged, you still have to disclose your conviction to government agencies and certain other institutions. Of course, after you mention the conviction, you can then explain that your record has been expunged.

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