A suspended driver’s license can throw a wrench in your daily life, complicating simple day-to-day chores. It can make it more challenging to get to crucial appointments, access child care or even buy necessities at your local grocery store.

This blog outlines the grounds for suspension to equip readers with the know-how to keep their licenses safe. Whether you are worried about a recent traffic ticket or want to stay informed, this information may help.

Reasons why your license may be suspended

In Alabama, residents may lose their driving privileges for committing severe traffic offenses. These violations include:

  • Driving a car with the intent of committing a felony
  • Causing an accident that led to a death
  • Failing to stop after causing a crash that resulted in the death or injury of another person
  • Being found guilty of three reckless driving charges within a year
  • Driving impaired or under the influence of alcoholic drinks or controlled substances

For first-time drunk drivers, a judge decides if the offender should receive a license suspension. However, revocation is automatic for repeat offenses within ten years.

These rules aim to keep roads safe and hold drivers accountable for driving behaviors that can put them and others at risk. By understanding these offenses, they may reduce the risk of suspension and keep their license.

Keeping your driving privileges

Knowing the grounds for license suspension empowers Alabama drivers to stay on the right side of the law. By understanding these rules, motorists can avoid the stress and inconvenience of losing their driving privileges.

If you face suspension, it is wise to talk to a lawyer who knows Alabama’s driving laws. They can help you understand your options and help you request reinstatement.